About kommunikations-design.com

kommunikations-design.com was founded 2008 in Berlin by freelance communication designer Claudia Prommegger.

I studied communication design at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule (BTK) and graduated with diploma in 2007. During my studies, I organized the student online design contest "Pitsch", together with a small group of students and worked as a freelancer for several design and editorial agencies like Kircher Burkhardt (interactive department) and Axel Springer Verlag (production development department) in Berlin.

In 2007 I started to work for tv and film production companies, first as production assistant, later as production manager and postproduction supervisor for documentaries, tv series and cross media projects. In 2012 we won the MediaMax Award in the category "commitment and civil courage", for the team project "Recherche Berlin-Buch" which was realized with students from Berlin, with film maker Alexandra Weltz and WeTeK. www.rechercheberlinbuch.wordpress.com

Exhibition 2017: Digital Painting, iPad Art in Berlin http://artkreuzberg.de/claudia.prommegger/

Work experience: Webdesign, UX, App Design, Print Design, Postproduction and Video Editing, Digital Painting and Photography
Special skills: Social Media, Agile Methodologies

You can get some impressions of my work and realized projects in the section "Portfolio". You are very welcome to contact me via e-mail if you desire more detailed information about my projects or my company or if you would like to get an offer.

Claudia Prommegger


Claudia Prommegger
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