21 Aug// Upcoming screenings of "Sin & Illy Still Alive":

  • Achtung Berlin Sommerkino, August 30th, 08.30 pm, Freiluftkino Pompeji
  • Salento International Film Festival at Tricase, September 7th
  • 39th Montreal World Film Festival, August 27th - September 7th
  • International Film Awards Berlin, September 22nd - 25th
  • 9th Bali International Film Festival – BALINALE, September 24th - 30th
  • 32. Festival de Cine de Bogotá in Colombia, October 20th - 28th

24 Jul// One of my digital paintings made it into ""

12 Jul// My digital painting "Luchs" is the winner of the Fella's ArtFest June 2015

17 Jun// has got instagram! Come and check out all my new stuff :)

23 Mar// We proudly present: "Sin & Illy Still Alive" won the White Bembel at Lichter Filmfest International in Frankfurt! More

19 Jan// World Premiere of "Sin + Illy Still Alive" by Maria Hengge @ 8. Lichter Filmfest, Frankfurt, March 2015. Hope to see you there!!

05 Jan// Cürük - The Pink Report is the top selling documentary of 2014 of the VOD platform!


03 Oct// I'm also part of the online cartoon community toonpool. Here you can check my profile

08 Aug// Now you can find me on Tumblr and on DeviantART with my digital paintings!

16 May// We celebrated the world premiere of Trans*Marseille at the wonderful Ethnocineca Filmfest Vienna with an almost sold out cinema, a very interested public and many nice reactions during and after the screening!

27 Jan// Shooting of the feature film "Sin & Illy" by Maria Hengge started! With graphic design by
More to come!

21 Jan// iStock Photocontest: I'm in the Top 20 (out of 3400 submissions) with my picture "Eagle Lake"!


08 Sep// World premiere of the documentary "Casa Luz" by Navina Khatib and Alexandra Weltz in New York @ Portugal Underground Film Festival. Poster created by

25 June// The album Good Side Bad Side by Crishan (label: black meadow music production) can be ordered online with art design by

08 Mar// Poster design finished for the documentary 'Casa Luz', a film by Navina Khatib and Alexandra Weltz

11 Feb// Watch the complete documentary 'Çürük - The Pink Report' online. Due to legal issues, the streaming of the movie will not be available in Turkey.



26 Nov// The project 'Recherche Berlin Buch' won the MediaMax Award 2012 in the category 'engagement and civil courage'. Congrats and thanx to all who made this project possible!

28 Oct// Çürük - The Pink Report at cinema Xenon, Kolonnenstr. 5-6, Berlin-Schöneberg, afterwards discussion with Ulrike Böhnisch and team

13 Oct// Two screenings of Cürük on Saturday, 13th of October! One at Diyarbakir, 14h30 at Sümerpark Cep Sinemasi and the other one at Nantes (France) - 20h30 at Fam. BONNIN (47, rue du Clos Toreau à Saint Sébastien sur Loire - 0679728478). Don´t hesitate to ask us, if you need any further information !

24 May// Çürük - The Pink Report at Ethnocineca - Ethnographic and Documentary Filmfest Vienna

12 May// Çürük - The Pink Report is nominated for the best documentary film award at Boston LGBT Film Festival

18 April// Next Wednesday you can watch the short version (52 min) of 'Cürük' the very first time in Vienna at Schikaneder
Free Entrance!

17 Mar// Marx Reloaded will be screened at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, London, 17th of March. More

20 Feb// Çürük - The Pink Report at !f Istanbul - Independent Film Festival

16 Feb// UK premiere of the documentary "Marx Reloaded", ICA, London. More

08 Feb// Presentation of the project: Euthanasia of the National Socialist era with eyewitness Rosemarie Pumb, at the library in Berlin-Buch, 06.00 pm. More

29 Jan// The documentary "Fashion Icon Sonia Rykiel - Rebell and Visionary" will be screened, 3sat, 02.55 pm

04 Jan// "The Last Bus" will be screened on 4th of January at Babylon-Mitte, Berlin.

More screening dates:

  • 16th Feb, Hannover, Medienhaus, 09.30 pm
  • 2nd March, Salzburg, Mozartkino, 09.00 pm
  • 15th March, Jena, KuBuS, 07.00 pm



21/12// wishes you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

01/10// Çürük - The Pink Report travels the world. For more information please check the Çürük website for further screening dates.

01/05// Italy Premiere of "Çürük The Pink Report" at Torino GLBT Film Festival

Screening dates:
2nd May, 08.30 pm and 3rd May, 02:30 pm
Watch the trailer

15/04// World premiere of "Çürük - The Pink Report" at Achtung Berlin

Screening date: 15th April, 10.00 pm, Filmtheater am Friedrichshain, Berlin

31/03// Cross media "Operation Bikini" - All clips now online!

Watch all clips at
You can also find all clips on our page here
By the way: arte's webdesign 'koerperkult' is by

30/03// "Operation Bikini - Schlachtfelder der Schönheit"

First clip of Operation Bikini "Susie Orbach" is available. More to come!

17/03// World premiere of "Çürük - The Pink Report"

Çürük - The Pink Report by Ulrike Böhnisch is invited to the festival ACHTUNG BERLIN (13-20 April), Documentary Competition "Made in Berlin-Brandenburg". Congrats!

14/03// "Operation Bikini - Schlachtfelder der Schönheit"

Preview of the documentary at DFFB, Potsdamer Straße 2, 10785 Berlin
Screening date: 30th of March, 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm

14/03// "Henry Hübchen - Mein Leben/ Ma vie"

First public screening of the documentary "Henry Hübchen - Mein Leben" at Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin
Screening date: 21st of March, 8.00 pm

23/02// Premiere in Italy of "Çürük - tThe Pink Report"

Çürük - The Pink Report is invited to the 26th Torino GLBT Film Festival (April 28th – May 4th, 2011) to be part of the Documentary Competition. Congrats!
Screening dates: 2nd of May, 8.30 pm
3rd of May, 2.30 pm

14/02// Website of the documentary "Marx Reloaded" online

"Marx Reloaded" is a cultural documentary that uses some of the central ideas of 19th century German socialist and philosopher Karl Marx to try to make sense of the global financial crisis of 2008-09. This crisis prompted the US government to spend more than 1 trillion dollars in order to rescue its banking system from financial meltdown. But can the largest financial losses in history really be put down to the natural risks and uncertainties of the free market? Or is there another explanation as to why the crisis happened and what its implications are for the future of our society, our economy - for our whole way of life? more

04/01// Website of the documentary "Çürük - The Pink Report" online

Turkish military considers homosexuality to be a "psycho-sexual disorder" that exempts one from service. Therefor homosexuality needs to be diagnosed by Military physicians. If a psychological examination is inconclusive, doctors are required to use other methods. Either an anal examination is called for or the applicant must submit pornographic images of himself engaged in a homosexual act... Çürük - The Pink Report is an intimate encounter with 4 men and their moving stories between institutional violence, tremendous fear and the longing for acceptance within a society that considers them to be ill, rotten, disabled - çürük. more

17/10// Screening on TV "Das tote Mädchen vom Bodensee"

The true story of the French girl Kalinka who died in the year 1982 - her father still fights for justice. "Das tote Mädchen vom Bodensee" a film by Hilka Sinning
Screening date: 20th of October, 8.15 pm, SWR

06/06// Lego animation "Come On"

Official music video "Come On" by Hella Donna. Enjoy and vote!

02/06// New web project in progress

The website about the documentary called "Çürük - The Pink Report" by Ulrike Böhnisch is online and will grow within the next weeks.

25/04// Redesign finally online!

We hope you enjoy the new design. Check out the references, the completed projects and get in contact with

19/04// Good things available on dvd

Hella Donna released a new DVD collection "the best of five good years" which includes also the music video "Good Things". You can order the DVD here.

18/04// Youtube channel!

We are glad to inform you about our new channel. Have a look

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